Respect and Responsibility: A Jewish Ethics Study Guide

Respect and Responsibility is a cross-denominational collection of texts designed for use in Jewish organizations to establish readiness for cultivating cultures of safety and respect. This essential preparatory stage prepares organizations for later policy development and training by using Jewish texts to explore contemporary issues related to preventing and responding to harassment, sexual abuse, and other institutional abuses of power.


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The Study Guide will address a broad range of questions, including:

  • What kind of cultural transformation is needed in the Jewish world to allow the voices of those who have been harmed by institutional abuse to be heard and for the Jewish community to serve as a resource for healing? 
  • How can we identify our institutions’ embedded inclinations, aligning implicit communal messages with core Jewish values?
  • What are appropriate, constructive, and necessary ways to address leaders’ abuse of power and both offer and receive tokhekha (rebuke) in cases of harassment and abuse? 


Respect and Responsibility includes:

  • Three units: Grounding Values; Teachings on Leadership, Power, and Responsibility; Responding to Abuse
  • Contributions from scholars, ethicists, religious commentators, trauma specialists, and educators 
  • Writing in a variety of genres, such as sample sermons, sample prayers, grounding for policy language in Jewish text, and chabura text studies


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