Accreditation Program

Sacred Spaces is working to implement an independent, nationwide system that sets new standards for abuse prevention in all Jewish institutions and is available in times of crisis. This system centers on a voluntary accreditation scheme, in which we partner with organizations to build their capacity to keep constituents safe from abuse and other exploitations of power. When a Jewish institution elects to become accredited, its leadership is communicating to constituents, and their funders, that the organization holds safety, transparency, and accountability as sacred values.

  • Generating buy-in from leadership
  • Reinforcing healthy governance and communication
  • Resolving current or past incidents
  • Forming a committee
  • Introducing the project to the community from a Jewish-values frame
  • Examining current policies and procedures
  • Interviewing board, staff, parents, children
  • Conducting building assessment
  • Conducting program assessment
  • Determining committee structure and governance
  • Planning, hiring, and screening
  • Outlining training and supervision guidelines
  • Drafting interaction guidelines
  • Developing compliance and responding protocols
  • Supporting victims
  • Disseminating, reviewing, and revising the policy
  • Conducting community awareness campaign
  • Convening community focus groups
  • Engaging in conversations with the board
  • Training staff and volunteers
  • Providing parent workshops
  • Empowering children with personal safety education
  • Technical assistance in implementing the program
  • Troubleshooting
  • Guidance in responding
  • Evaluation
  • Referrals (e.g., independent expert investigators)

Our ultimate goal is for accreditation to become standard in all Jewish organizations. Currently, we have selected 10 pioneering organizations to join our 2017-2018 cohort on preventing and responding to child maltreatment in schools, camps, and synagogues, and we plan to begin accrediting institutions from this cohort within two years. Recognizing that Jewish institutions are not always ready to take on a long-term, comprehensive project, we also offer institutions a modular option for building toward accreditation at their own pace. Above we list the five phases necessary for accreditation, based on research and best practices in the field of abuse prevention. If your organization would like to be considered for a future cohort, or if you are interested in beginning a modular approach now, please join our accreditation waitlist.


Join Our Accreditation Waitlist


We are beginning to build programs similar to our child program for preventing and responding to institutional abuse across the life span including sexual harassment in Jewish professional spaces and elder abuse. If you are a funder or non-profit that would like to partner with us at the local or national level, please contact us.

Please note that Sacred Spaces does not provide victim services or conduct investigations. We are glad to provide referrals to other organizations specializing in these areas.