Statement on Dr. Ford’s Testimony

It is difficult to watch the silencing, harassing nature of many of the responses to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez, and Julie Swetnick. It takes immense courage to come forward with painful historic experiences of sexual assault. In moments of disclosure, it behooves us all to listen respectfully, offer supportive words, and express gratitude for the trust given in sharing this information. Investigations and hearings may be critical next steps that should determine subsequent action, but this necessary due diligence should never influence the care and humanity we show. Yet for survivors of sexual assault, the public shaming of these women, under the guise of bipartisanism or patriotism, serves to further silence and retraumatize those who have suffered enough. So we take a moment today, as Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony begins, to acknowledge the barriers that silence victims and recognize the hidden trauma that so many live with every day. In the words of the prophet, Isaiah, pursuit of justice means standing with victims. We support you.